Koi Ponds Add Natural Charm and Beauty to Homes

Koi ponds have always been a popular water feature in homes across a variety of cultures. The sparkling fish have social and playful personalities, which make them a popular breed to raise in residential ponds. Why koi fish? The history of koi ponds dates back to the Chinese belief that koi fish bring ‘ong’, which means luck. For many years people all over the world have built small koi ponds on their property as part of the philosophy of feng shui, in order to fill their lives with good luck and prosperity. For others, koi ponds have calming and relaxing properties that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The charm and beauty of koi fish are ideal for backyard ponds and water gardens.

Fundamentals of Koi Ponds

Using a koi pond to add natural charm and beauty to your home occurs best when certain fundamentals are included in the design.
  • A filtration system that works harmoniously with the water in your pond is essential in koi pond design and maintenance
  • Rocks and gravel help protect koi pond liners from UV light degradation and provide surface area for beneficial bacterias to breakdown nutrients in the water
  • Recirculation systems move the water and provide the necessary oxygen levels for healthy fish and plants
  • Fish add a major aesthetic element to ecosystem ponds and are the crown jewel of the koi pond itself. Fish reduce pond maintenance, bottom feed from the pond floor and with koi fish are sociable and playful
  • Aquatic plants add character to the pond and naturally filter the water. Plants provide color and texture and are critical to the overall health of the ecosystem
The exact origins of the koi are still unknown, but have similar representations and connotations in different cultures. In Japanese koi means love, affection and friendship. Koi are often used as a symbol of love and good luck, which is similar to the Chinese belief. Adding a koi pond to your home brings aesthetic wonder and the calming and beautiful feelings of love, good luck and prosperity. Whether you prefer a simple koi pond or an elaborate water garden with waterfalls and small bridges, creating an easily maintained ecosystem pond on your property has a variety of benefits. At BTL, we’ve provided koi pond liners for both residential and commercial use for more than 30 years. Our liners are flexible, puncture-resistant and safe for plants and fish. Contact BTL for more information about custom koi pond liners.

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