Containing Ore and Extraction Chemicals with Leachate Collection Liners

The mining industry uses water in a variety of ways, from mineral processing and extraction to controlling dust at the drilling site. Leachate, which is water that has trickled through solid mine waste, may contain dissolved minerals, extraction chemicals and metal ores. In order to contain this water and prevent extraction chemicals from affecting the quality of surface water, it’s important to choose the best leachate collection liners.

Importance of Leachate Collection Liners

While the importance of leachate collection liners may seem obvious -  you have water, chemicals and minerals and you need a place to put them - it extends beyond that. Water contamination and environmental performance are great concerns when it comes to mines. When it comes to the environment, leachate collection liners need to be of the highest quality and durability in order to prevent potential leakage. Some mined ores contained in leachate collection systems are more chemically reactive than others. These have a greater tendency to dissolve and contaminate water. Common substances in leachate that can contaminate water include metals, metalloids and salts. Extraction chemicals and those used in mineral preparation processes can include cyanide, sulphuric acid and other organic chemicals. These chemicals, used to separate minerals from ore, must be safely contained in order to prevent environmental contamination. Water management through the use of leachate collection liners helps reduce the impact of mining chemicals over time. Water management has become an important component of mining operations, as well as in closure plans. Leachate and extraction chemicals must be discharged into lined ponds. The leachate collection liners in these ponds must be durable, chemical resistant and resistant to puncture. Learn more about chemical and puncture resistant leachate collection liners from BTL Liners. BTL provides liner, tarp and cover solutions for the mining and energy sectors. When it comes to containing ore and extraction chemicals, liners from BTL are best in class and some of the most trusted products in the industry.

Liners by BTL

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