Lining Pipelines and Blowout Pits for the Oil Industry

Lining pipelines and blowout pits is essential in the oil and mining industries in order to secure the investment and to operate with minimal downtime for maintenance. Lining pipelines helps prevent corrosion to the system. Any breach to this highly pressurized system would occur at blowout pits along the way. Blowout pits are used as secondary containment for pipelines and must be lined with a corrosion and chemical-resistant material such as reinforced polyethylene (RPE). Liquid pipelines transport crude oil or natural gas liquids from the production fields to the refineries, where they are processed and turned into gasoline and petroleum products. Preventing corrosion of these pipelines and preparing for secondary containment in the event of an oil spill or blowout is both mandatory and essential for protecting the health of humans and the environment. Pipelines are highly pressurized systems due to the distance the liquids must travel. The pressure keeps the oil or natural gas moving through the pipeline in order to reach the final destination without experience hazardous blowouts or oil spills.

Lining Pipelines and Blowout Pits with RPE

When it comes to lining pipelines and blowout pits, RPE has many advantages.
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Available in multiple thicknesses
  • Can be fabricated in sheets up to 60,000 square feet
  • Can be installed in the field
  • Operational maintenance is minimal due to nature of the liner
Installing RPE liners in pipelines and blowout pits extends their service life, which means less frequency of replacement and maintenance, which is important in managing these types of applications. Lining pipelines, and blowout pits for secondary containment, is a necessary measure when preventing oil spills from reaching waterways and contaminating the nearby environment. Contact BTL Liners for more information about using RPE for lining pipelines and blowout pits in the oil and mining industries.

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