How Do I Measure for Residential Pond Liners?

At BTL Liners, we’re often asked how to measure for residential pond liners. Ponds can be a variety of shapes and sizes, which can make measuring for the liner confusing. Outside of shaped vanity ponds, like a dollar sign, measuring for residential pond liners is a simple process that can be done by anyone. For a visual guide, watch our video on how to measure a pond. For the most accurate measurements, it’s important to measure your pond at the widest width, the longest length and the deepest depth. Traditionally, when measuring an empty pond you won’t have to measure for depth, but for a full pond you will. It’s important to note when measuring for residential pond liners that BTL adds two feet in every direction and then calculates the overall square footage.

What Do I Need in Order to Measure for Residential Pond Liners?

  • Flexible tape measurer
  • A helper
  • Pen and paper to record dimensions

Steps to Measure for Residential Pond Liners

  • First, lay the flexible tape measurer in the trench surrounding the pond, giving a couple inches on the backside of the trench
  • Have your helper stand on the tape measure in the trench to keep it in place
  • Go to the other side of the pond at the widest width
  • Get yourself lined up in a perfectly straight line with the tape measurer
  • Drape across the pond and allow the tape measurer to lay as the liner would
  • Run the tape measurer down into the trench and back up the other side
  • Record this as the final measurement
  • Repeat at the longest length of the pond

Steps to Measure for Residential Pond Liners with a Shelf Design

  • Allow two and a half feet past water level at the beginning of the tape measurer and pond
  • Have your helper step on the tape measurer to hold it in place
  • Walk across the pond to the other side
  • Line up with your helper in a perfectly straight line
  • Drape the tape measurer down in the pond and let it lay across the bottom as the liner would
  • Come to the shelf on the other side
  • Add two feet to the measurement at the top of the shelf
  • Measure in same way in the other direction
Once you’ve taken the measurements for your residential pond liners, contact BTL. BTL will calculate the square footage you need based on your measurements. Once we have the square footage calculated, we’ll recommend the perfect liner for your needs and determine the price. Remember to always have a helper when measuring for residential pond liners to ensure the accuracy of your measurements. [embed][/embed]

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