Start Planning Now for Natural Swimming Pools

If you live in a cold winter climate like we do in Central Oregon, now is about the time you start dreaming of sunshine, swimming and retiring your snow boots for the summer. Natural swimming pools may be the last thing on your mind if while reading this you look out the window and it’s snowing and icy cold, but now is the time to start preparing to build the natural swimming pool of your dreams. Natural swimming pools have many benefits far and beyond just being aesthetically pleasing.

The Perks of Natural Swimming Pools

The only thing that outnumbers the perks of natural swimming pools is the number of years they can be enjoyed.
  • Building natural swimming pools means you’re constructing a natural ecosystem that takes care of itself. No chlorine to monitor, no pH to check, no filters to clean out and no electricity to run the system
  • The construction of a natural swimming pool is similar to that of traditional swimming pools, but because there are no chemicals to add the yearly maintenance costs are much less, which makes them less expensive than their counterparts
  • Depending on the design of your natural swimming pool, most feature two connected pools - one for swimming and one to hold plants. The root structure of these plants removes bacteria and other contaminants meaning you won’t be swimming in the weeds
  • Frogs, tadpoles, dragonflies and other pond creatures that would be attracted to your swimming pool will stay on the plant side. These critters eat mosquitoes and their larvae, which you definitely want
Natural swimming pools add a beautiful and useful feature to your home. Don’t worry about regular pool maintenance with filters and chlorine. While you may have to remove leaves and loose sediment every once in awhile, you’ll enjoy having a beautiful, environmentally friendly, chemical-free swimming pool to create memories with your family for many years to come. Natural swimming pools are a healthy and aesthetically pleasing addition to the landscape of your home. Start preparing to build your natural swimming pool with pond liners from BTL Liners. We’re excited about the growing popularity of these stunning swimming pools and have liners approved for potable water available.

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