North Dakota Insulated Floating Covers Project Completed

BTL Liners recently completed an insulated floating covers project in North Dakota that we felt was noteworthy. We’re proud of the efforts of our whole team to get these insulated floating covers fabricated and installed on a tight timeline without sacrificing quality or customer service. The project itself took place in North Dakota. Due to the geographical location of North Dakota and the fact that this project was taking place in late fall, it had a rush timeline due to the necessity to find a good “weather window” for installation.

The North Dakota Insulated Floating Covers Project

The company we worked with found us online. We knew they were shopping the job not only at BTL, but with some of our competitors, as well. The company had to consider cost as one of the largest parts of the project scope, but also the product and application knowledge were paramount.

Project Details

The project itself was for full tension insulated floating covers.
  • The product we used was 45-mil reinforced polypropylene (RPP) with a 20 year UV warranty
  • BTL had to order the 225,000 square feet of this particular material prior to fabricating
  • Due to the cost, many liner companies wouldn’t sit on that quantity of material
  • We received the material within one week of order
  • It took BTL only three days to fabricate and we had it on the road
  • We sent our certified welding technicians out at the same time
  • Our techs assisted with the offload of materials
  • Using provided labor and equipment, we had the cover fully installed in five days
Unlike a usual containment liner, there is much more work that goes into creating and installing insulated floating covers. There were no exact specifications for the cover. The oil producer had to rely on the liner company to propose the proper product. We provided them with the technical data on the material and our QA documents on fabricating, testing, shipping, subgrade preparation and installation procedures. Our proposal was eventually accepted and we were awarded the project. Full tension insulated floating covers are installed much like liners with the reservoir empty at the time. Unlike liners, insulated floating covers have a series of floats and ballast tubes that are welded or tethered to the surface. Upon completion, water fills the reservoir and the cover lifts up. When full, the ballast tubes have sunk creating a “defined sump.” This sump does two things - it pulls all the tension out of the cover, keeping everything nice and tight, as well as creating a sump for water to collect. The surface water can then be pumped off the cover and placed back underneath. Floats provide additional buoyancy and a person can easily walk across the cover when in use. BTL completes large projects under tight deadlines. We’ve got the experience and insight necessary to take on a variety of challenges when it comes to geomembrane liners, tarps and covers. Contact BTL for a proposal for your next large geomembrane containment project.

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