Choose NSF-61 Certified Liners for Organic Hydroponics

Do you know where you produce came from? In years past it was common to walk into the supermarket, pick up the first tomato you saw and be on your way. As health awareness and education continue to become more prevalent and important in local communities, people want to know where their groceries came from, down to the farm and the growing process used. Organic hydroponics have become a sustainable and efficient way to farm produce, which only continues to increase in demand. Organic hydroponics involves growing plants without soil, which makes it possible to grow indoors year-round. In a world culture that demands more food that has been sustainably grown, organic hydroponics is a great option. When it comes to organic hydroponics, the nutrients and growing practices make the produce organic. Choosing NSF-61 certified liners for organic hydroponics ensures all of your produce is grown with liners that are certified for potable water and human consumption.

The Benefits of NSF-61 Certified Liners

  • Certified to hold drinking water intended for human consumption
  • Will not leach harmful substances such as plasticizers and dispersants, which are commonly used to make liners more flexible, into the water
  • Produce remains uncontaminated when potable water is used
  • Confidence for organic growers
  • Fish and plant safe for hydroponics, aquaponics and aquaculture
  • NSF-61 is the highest rating a liner can receive
Many of the reinforced polyethylene (RPE) and reinforced polypropylene (RPP) liners from BTL Liners are NSF-61 certified and perfect for organic hydroponics. In organic hydroponics, liners are placed in grow beds to prevent water and nutrient loss. Choosing NSF-61 certified liners for organic hydroponics allow you to efficiently grow high quality produce in a residential or commercial agricultural setting. In a culture that has placed priority on local, organically grown produce, choosing NSF-61 certified liners is a necessary step when growing with potable water. Contact BTL Liners for more information on NSF-61 certified liners for organic hydroponics.

Liners by BTL

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