Benefits of Open Pond Systems for Algae Cultivation

At BTL, we’ve done several large projects surrounding open pond systems for algae cultivation. Most notably, we lined ponds for algae cultivation at an ethanol facility in Iowa. There are many benefits to using open pond systems for algae cultivation compared to closed systems.

What is Algae Cultivation and What is it Used For?

Algae cultivation takes place in large ponds, or in enclosed systems enhanced with CO2. Algae cultivation has many commercial and industrial uses and looks to be a promising long-term sustainable source of biomass and oils for fuel, food, feed and other co-products. Algae have evolved to produce and store energy in the form of oil. They are more efficient than many other natural or engineered processes.

Uses of Algae

  • Production of food ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids
  • Natural food colorants or dyes
  • Food
  • Fertilizer
  • Bioplastics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • As a means of pollution control
  • Water treatment
  • Creating biofuels

Why Use Open Pond Systems for Algae Cultivation?

Open pond systems for algae cultivation have a large number of benefits. One of the primary benefits comes from their simplicity and low operation costs. When it comes to building an open or closed system for algae cultivation, open ponds are less expensive than their bioreactor counterparts. Open pond systems for algae cultivation also include less capital equipment to maintain and operate than other methods. Open pond systems for algae cultivation work best in sunny areas of the world. Open pond systems are the most common system used for algae cultivation. Algae harvested from open pond systems are high in oil content. Open pond systems for algae cultivation are the most similar to how it grows in nature and requires less maintenance than other types of harvesting. Large ponds have the largest production capabilities compared to other systems of comparable cost. BTL Liners offers reinforced polyethylene (RPE) and reinforced polypropylene (RPP) liners that are fish and plant safe, as well as certified for human drinking water. When considering open pond systems for algae cultivation look no further than BTL Liners.

Liners by BTL

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