Planning out Your Fire Protection Pond Build for the Long Run

There are several things that need to be planned out before you start building your fire protection pond. Selecting the location of your pond in relation to the home or community it protects, choosing your fill source, and acquiring the proper permits are all tasks that should be considered and finished before you break ground on your new project. 

Choosing the Best Location for Your Fire Protection Pond

Generally, the most desirable place to build a fire protection pond is between 200 and 300 feet in elevation above the community or home that your fire suppression pond will protect. 

However, this recommendation can be ignored if your plan is to utilize electric pumps in your pond system instead of just relying on gravity. 

Gravity-Fed Systems Versus Electric-Based Systems

Gravity-fed water systems need less maintenance and have less costs associated with them since their upkeep and installation costs are minimized. However, keep in mind that gravity-fed systems require a large change in elevation that is not possible in all applications. 

Keep in mind that gravity-fed systems do not provide the same scenic benefits as other systems, since they often require your pond to be placed further from your home. These types of ponds can also improve the land value of your home or community. As a result, implementing an electric based system in order to reap the rewards of the improvement in the landscape can be worth the additional cost.

Securing Permits for Your Pond

Securing the appropriate permits from your local branch of the EPA can vary in complexity depending on your chosen water source. Filling your pond with local rainwater is generally far cheaper than building the pond in a place that will impact a stream or creek. Since different states have different laws around pond construction, contacting local authorities is the safest way to build your pond and protect your home.

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