Protect Hay Crops Before the Winter Freeze with Custom Tarps

It’s getting to be that time of year. In many areas of the country, the fall breeze is shifting to a winter freeze at night. Snow and rain can damage hay crops causing farmers to lose a large percentage of their harvest to weather. In fair weather areas, the sun keeps shining, meaning the sun can bleach hay crops and cause them to lose the nutritional value, particularly protein and vitamin A. Custom tarps can protect hay crops from the negative effects of the weather. It’s important to find the right types of custom tarps and apply them properly to ensure the safety of your hay crops year around, but especially in the winter.

Storing Hay with Custom Tarps

Hay is bundled and stored in three basic ways. Small square bales are traditionally rectangular in shape and are string or wire tied in dimensions of 2x2x4 feet and weigh 40 to 100 pounds. Large square bales are generally 3x3x8 feet and weigh 600 to 700 pounds. Large round bales weigh 500 to 1,800 pounds and are the most economical for farmers to bale. Large round bales require the proper protection with custom tarps in order to prevent waste and maintain nutritional value.
  • Order custom tarps to your exact specifications
  • Secure tarps with strong tie downs over hay bales
  • Storing hay with a sloped top is better a flat top because it sheds rain and snow better
  • Custom tarps should be made from the strongest, puncture-resistant material available
  • Regularly check custom tarps to ensure they are tied down properly in order to avoid exposure to the elements
By ordering custom tarps, which are available at BTL in an assortment of weights and colors to suit your hay storage needs, you’ll be able to maintain the high standard of quality your customers have come to expect. Exposed hay is subject to 10-25% loss due to weather. Retain the nutritional value and profitability by protecting your crops with custom tarps. Custom tarps are available with a variety of options. BTL’s heavy duty custom tarps help protect your inventory with a reliable and durable polyethylene material. Choose from reinforced hems, grommets, D-rings, tarp boxing and popular colors. Contact BTL for more information about ordering custom tarps to protect your hay crops from weather, both during the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

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