Keep Aquatic Life Healthy with Quality Water Garden Liners

By adding a water garden or pond to your property, you’re helping keep aquatic life healthy and thriving. Choosing the best water garden liners has a large impact on the health of the aquatic and wildlife that call your pond home. In order to create an eco-friendly habitat for the aquatic life in your pond, it’s necessary to choose water garden liners that are fish and plant safe, as well as approved for potable water. These factors will promote water quality and a healthy life for the creatures that call your pond home.

Water Features

Water features, including ponds, water gardens, fountains and waterfalls, have many advantages. They add value to your home, both financially and aesthetically. Additionally, many living creatures will begin to call your water feature home, which is why eco-friendly water garden liners are essential. Water garden liners can make the difference when it comes to keeping aquatic life healthy within and near your water feature.

Water Garden Liners

Choosing water garden liners that are both fish and plant safe are critical to creating an eco-friendly pond. An eco-friendly pond can provide food, shelter and safety to the wildlife around it, while also creating an all-natural piece of serenity in your own backyard.
  • PVC liners can contain trace amounts of arsenic and other toxins that are lethal to pond fish and other forms of aquatic life
  • Plasticizers are added to PVC to make the liner more flexible. These can be released into the water
  • RPE and RPP liners are fish and plant safe
  • RPE and RPP liners are approved for potable water and human consumption, meaning the water quality in ponds using these types of liners is better for all creatures
  • Choosing liners with UV protection can help prevent degradation
  • Water garden liners provide surface area for beneficial bacteria to break down excess nutrients in the water and dissolved debris on the pond floor
It’s important to choose the best material for your water garden liners. RPE and RPP liners from BTL Liners are approved for potable water and human consumption, as well as being fish and plant safe. PVC pond liners have the potential to release toxins into the water that could be detrimental to the health of aquatic life in your pond. Choose quality water garden liners to keep the aquatic life in your pond healthy and thriving in the ecosystem.

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