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Why Raised Garden Bed Liners are a Necessary Layer

Raised garden beds have a variety of benefits and can be used in many different applications and scenarios. From the apartment owner with enough room for a small box on their patio, to a homeowner with a small backyard, to residents living in locales with less than desirable soil conditions, raised garden beds can be a beneficial alternative to in-ground gardening. Raised garden bed liners are a necessary layer when constructing a successful growing experience.

After constructing the raised bed of your desired size for your gardening needs, installing a liner is the next step before planting for the season. Bed liners can be applied to plots of different sizes and have many benefits.

Benefits of Raised Garden Bed Liners

  • Weed control – Raised garden bed liners act as a barrier between the ground and the soil you put in your box. If you use weed-free soil in your box, this barrier should protect your garden from weeds.
  • Pest control – If you don’t want to share your vegetables with gophers, moles and other critters, adding raised garden bed liners in before pouring your planting soil will help keep them out.
  • Good drainage – When gardening, one of the hardest factors to perfect is the ideal level of moisture in the soil. Raised garden bed liners help keep soil moist for optimal growing conditions, but not stagnate. Water gets absorbed into the lower layers of the bed, keeping it evenly moist.
  • Prevent soil loss – Raised garden bed liners are durable and prevent soil from washing away, while still allowing water to drain. In preventing soil loss, raised garden bed liners also help keep boxes tidy and not in disarray because of washed away soil.
  • Install raised beds on firm surfaces – Raised garden beds with liners can be installed on any firm surface, including concrete or stone. Gardeners living in apartments or with minimal yard space will appreciate this fact when planting their gardens in these otherwise impossible areas.

Raised garden bed liners are a crucial layer when constructing your boxes and extending your growing season. Using the plastic garden bed liners from BTL Liners will help protect your vegetables from pests, weeds and soil loss, while providing good drainage. Contact BTL Liners for more information about our raised garden bed liners.

9 responses to “Why Raised Garden Bed Liners are a Necessary Layer

  1. I have used raised beds for six years. No liner. No problems. Likely just another thing you don’t need to buy.

  2. M. Baxter, as an experienced gardener I have used beds with and without liners. For problem beds where there were gophers, excessive weeds or other pests, liners were crutial, but for other gardens they were not neccessary. Just because you did not need them, doesn’t mean that other people don’t.

  3. Should you put a plastic 6 mill liner in a raised plywood box in a green house. The box is 12 inches deep.Well using plastic cause the soil to go stale in the bottom of the box.

  4. Earl,
    I apologize for the delay in your response.. I have replied by email!

    Thank you,

  5. What about planter boxes that need to be waterproof (with drainage built into them ) such as inside or as permanent part of a structure (deck etc) where you don’t want the water just leaking out onto the floor or deck or more quickly rotting the structure itself? AND,,,,that is planned to be used for planting food ??? Do you have a plastic or EPDM liner for this application that can be smoothly formed into corners of a built in planter box and is food safe, for planting edibles??? For whatever reason, every single site like this, once getting into the “gardening” section reverts by default to draining fabric/liners on the assumption that it is a garden bed that can just drain naturally into the ground or surface below and where constant moisture on the structural materials is of no concern, presumably on the basis that the garden bed is intended to replaced every couple seasons. Either that or its only about aquaculture and they contemplate you need to buy enough to run a commercial business!!! Help!!!

  6. I was thinking about laying down a 6mil tarp to line the entire lower 6″ of my raised bed I have outside in my yard with the intention that it would retain water. Opinions? I wish you had posted the responses for the above questions so I didn’t have to bother you

  7. Thank you for your inquiry Rebecca! Several people choose a liner in their raised beds.. You do just need to be thoughtful of what you have growing in there and if too much water will affect it as the water will not seep through, it will remain in the soil. BTL does not carry a 6mil but we have several options if you would like to discuss your project! Feel free to call or email!

    Julie Hughes

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