Reasons to Choose a Natural Swimming Pond Over a Traditional Pool

Since building a natural pond for any purpose is a large home improvement project, you’ll want to make sure it’s the right choice for you before you begin. There are a lot of benefits to natural swimming ponds that usually make them well worth the cost and work required to build them. The only true disadvantage to these ponds is water clarity. Most natural swimming ponds have clear but slightly brown or green tinted water due to the growth of algae and valuable freshwater plankton. That’s a sign your pond is healthy and thriving, but it can be off putting if you love the crystal-clear water and the bright blue color of a pool liner. Aside from the waters color, natural swimming ponds have many benefits to consider when making your choice.

Low Ongoing Cost

Under most estimations, natural swimming ponds cost less to maintain and upkeep over the years than traditional pools. A typical pool requires constant doses of chlorine, other water treatments, and new filtration materials. Traditional pools also need electricity to run the skimmers, filters, and heaters. Business Insider estimates that most natural swimming pond owners save up to $500 a year over the ongoing costs generated by other pool designs.

Reduced Maintenance Requirements

Not only will you save money on maintenance costs for a natural swimming pond, you’ll also enjoy a lot more free time. Aside from a seasonal plant trim and some scooping to catch leaves in the fall, a natural swimming pond needs little other attention or care throughout the year. The planted water processing bed does the majority of the work to keep the water clean and ready to swim in. If you’ve avoided installing a pool in the past because you didn’t want to spend every weekend cleaning skimmers and testing water, a natural swimming pond is a great choice.

Natural Beauty

Natural swimming ponds blend into the landscape, creating natural beauty that complements the property instead of standing out. There are no harsh chemicals to strip your hair or irritate your skin either. The planted water treatment zones and rock covered banks help the pond look like it’s always been a part of your property. Since there’s so little maintenance required, future home buyers won’t be put off by the extra work required by a regular swimming pool.

Wildlife Environment

The natural environment of a swimming pond will attract other living creatures like insects, birds, and small mammals. However, most people consider the wildlife attracted to the pond as a positive feature rather than a negative one. These visitors to your pond’s edges also help contribute to a natural environment that maintains itself. You may find that threatened or endangered species move into your pond, making it a valuable contribution to the local ecosystem.

Appropriate for Most Climates

There’s no need to live in a tropical climate or warm area to enjoy a natural swimming pond. These designs work well in almost all climates. In very cold climates, you may want to skip fish that don’t enjoy being trapped under ice all winter long. Aside from those minor modifications, a natural pond should perform well in every climate. Make sure to add shade in hot climates to reduce evaporation and keep the surface clear in cooler areas so it warms up enough in the summer.

Environmental Impact

Natural ponds tend to have a positive total effect on the surrounding environment, especially in areas where other bodies of water have been eliminated. Establishing a new source of drinking water or clean habitat for waterfowl and amphibians is a valuable way to enrich your neighborhood’s ecosystem. In contrast, traditional pools are damaging to the surrounding soil and plant life rather than enriching. The chlorine and chemical content make pool water unsuitable for release into any nearby creeks and ponds as well.

Natural swimming ponds are less expensive to maintain and improve the environment of your yard and surrounding neighborhood. Choose a swimming area capable of maintaining itself to reduce your workload all year round.

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