Renovating Golf Course Ponds and Water Hazards

Water hazards and in some cases, irrigation ponds, add to both the complexity of a golf course, as well as the scenic beauty. Looking out from the tee box to see shimmering waters, attractive fountains and how the landscape of the hole plays into your strategy are common on every course. Golf course ponds and water hazards may need to be renovated over the course of time to ensure they are fulfilling their primary functions correctly. Depending on when the course was built and it’s current condition, it may be necessary to allocate some funds to renovating golf course ponds, both decorative and irrigation, and water hazards.

Renovating Golf Course Ponds

Reinforced polyethylene pond liners typically last up to 40 years, but not all materials were created equally. RPE liners are three times stronger than EPDM liners. PVC liners are usually inexpensive and easy to use, but can be harmed by direct sunlight and aren’t desirable for cold climates. PVC and EPDM liners may need to be replaced much sooner than RPE liners when renovating golf course ponds.

Reasons for Renovation

  • Ponds collect silt over time, which reduces the depth and water capacity
  • Invasive plants adversely impact pond storage
  • Change in design to water hazards and course strategy
  • Improve erosion control and pond mechanics
  • Liner degradation over time due to age, UV damage, wildlife damage and more
  • Switch from clay liner to synthetic
For golf courses wanting to incorporate fish and wildlife into the ecosystem of their water hazards, irrigation ponds and decorative ponds, replacing old PVC liners with RPE is essential. RPE liners are fish and plant safe, which makes it a desirable option when renovating golf course ponds. PVC contains trace amounts of arsenic and other toxins that are lethal to pond fish, even in minute amounts. When renovating golf course ponds and water hazards, it’s important to choose a liner that’s strong, durable, light and can be fabricated in large sheets. RPE liners offer the best functionality and longevity of any pond liner material on the market. Contact BTL Liners for more information about our RPE liners when renovating golf course ponds.

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