Replace Concrete and Earthen Ditch Liners with RPE

When it comes to ditch liners, choosing the right material makes a big difference. Because there are many benefits to ditch liners in general, it’s important to choose a material that maximizes efficiency. In the past, concrete and earthen lined ditches were commonplace, but with all of the advantages to reinforced polyethylene (RPE) it has become the clear choice for ditch liners.

Advantages of RPE Ditch Liners

Ditches are narrow channels dug into the earth that help with irrigation and drainage on farms and in rural settings. Choosing the right material for a ditch liner can make a big difference when it comes to water conservation and preventing erosion.
  • Lowers ditch maintenance costs
  • Helps with water conservation and prevents water loss
  • Prevents erosion and a ditch from crumbling over time
  • Helps eliminate scouring of aggregate, silt or soil in earthen ditches
  • Can be fabricated to conform to complex drainage channels
  • Prevents water loss through ground irrigation seepage and cracks common with earthen and concrete ditches
  • Can be used under or over concrete ditch liners for an additional layer or protection
In addition to preventing water loss, RPE ditch liners help reduce erosion of earthen channels. Unlined ditches can crumble over time, which destroys the ditch over time. Using a reinforced material like RPE helps prevent any tearing or puncturing that could take place due to fast running water. Concrete and earthen irrigation ditch liners have the potential to lose too much water. Cracks in concrete ditch liners inevitably occur over time, which is a concern for water loss and seepage. By replacing, or covering previously used concrete with RPE ditch liners, you’re decreasing the chance for water loss, preventing erosion and in some cases it could speed the time it takes for water to reach it’s destination. Contact BTL Liners for more information about decreasing water loss by replacing concrete and earthen ditch liners with RPE.

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