Use Rig-Site Pad Liners for Surface Protection During the Drilling Process

Rig-site pad liners serve an important purpose during the drilling process. When it comes to protecting surface water and groundwater from contamination, rig-site pad liners are essential. In order to protect the environment from drilling cuttings, hydraulic fracturing fluid, fuels and chemicals, rig-site pad liners must be in place to safely contain these potential contaminants. Drilling rigs create holes in the earth sub-surface. Pads at the drilling rig site hold water used in the drilling process. These pads hold fuels, chemicals and other fluids used in the drilling process. In order to protect the surrounding environment from potential pollutants, rig-site pad liners must be used. The best rig-site pad liners incorporate many features to successfully protect the natural environment and working surface surrounding a drilling rig-site.

Choosing Drilling Rig-Site Pad Liners

In order to protect the surface and environment surrounding drilling rig-sites, pad liners must:
  • Be highly puncture resistant - Reinforced drilling pad liners stand up to the demands of the drilling process. Puncture resistance is important for preventing surface leakage.
  • Have strong seam strength - Just as a puncture could result in leakage of hazardous liquids, a torn seam could have similar detriment. Heat welded seams on reinforced polypropylene (RPP) rig-site pad liners help prevent seam tearing. Using large, one-piece custom pad liners also help prevent leakage at the seams.
  • Be flexible and have conforming properties - Flexible drilling pad liners can contour to changes in the geology and landscape around the drilling area. Rig-site pad liners need to be able to conform to the natural environment in order to prevent surface contamination.
  • Be textured to help with stability - Whether by increasing slope stability or providing anti-slip properties for the drilling crew, having a textured liner has on-site advantages.
When it comes to choosing the best drilling pad liners, we typically suggest going with RPP. RPP pad liners are coated and pressed. The pressing involved in the creation of RPP forces the coating through the scrim, which makes it effective for containing chemicals, fuels and drilling liquids. In order to protect the surface, as well as groundwater and the surrounding environment, choose RPP pad liners. Learn more about RPP pad liners by contacting BTL Liners.

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