Advantages of RPE Liners for Cable Wake Parks

In a time before cable wake parks, if you wanted to go wakeboarding you would either have to have a boat, have a friend with a boat or rent a boat. Then of course you have to pay for fuel, have all the gear, or know someone you could borrow it from. The days before cable wake parks were rough. Now, with the growing interest in cable wake parks, wakeboarding is becoming easily accessible and more environmentally friendly. Cable wake parks need two main elements - a lake and a wake cable system. BTL Liners has extensive experience in providing RPE liners for cable wake park lakes. We did the RPE liners projects for both Wake Nation in Cincinnati, OH, and Velocity Island Park in Woodland, CA. Additionally, we recently completed a new cable wake park lake in the Dominican Republic. With the growing popularity of the sport, it’s essential to have RPE liners installed for the best experience possible.

Advantages of RPE Liners

  • One third the weight of other liners
  • Easy to install
  • Strong and puncture resistant
  • Doesn’t require an underlayer
  • Can be easily welded together with heat
  • Fish and plant safe, certified for potable water
  • Can be prefabricated in larger sheets than other liner materials

More Information About Cable Wakeboarding

  • Uses a tension cable system to pull riders instead of a boat
  • The most commonly used systems are made by Sesitec
  • Easier to balance due to equal pulling speed
  • Depending on the park, 6-10 people can ride at a time
  • Reduction in cost because you don’t need a boat
  • Cables are run by electricity and give off tons of oxygen per year into the lake, which improves the environment
Modern cable wakeboarding has become an international sensation. The sport started in Germany in 1959 and it’s creator sold the first commercial system in 1966. Cable wakeboarding continues to slowly gain momentum in America. Cable wakeboarding is most popular in Europe and especially Germany where there are currently more than 70 active cableways. RPE liners provide the perfect lake containment system for cable wake parks all over the world. With outstanding durability, there’s no better choice for your cable wake park.

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