Prepare for Snow Melt Conservation with Pond Liners

With the snow about to fall, or falling in some parts of the country, it’s time to consider how to conserve water from snow melt. Snow melt conservation, while illegal in some states, has many benefits. Snow melt conservation can provide rural communities with domestic and potable water and can be more cost-effective than drilling a well. Tank and pond liners can be used for snow melt containment. Install tank and pond liners for snow melt conservation before spring to maximize the amount of usable water you’ll contain.

Cisterns, Retention and Detention Ponds

Whether you live on a great deal of land where you can have a retention or detention pond, or you want to utilize a cistern for snow melt containment, a liner can help you maximize the amount of usable water you save.
  • Retention ponds collect snow melt and can act as a natural filter. These ponds can help remove sediment before the water drains into rivers. Retention ponds act as a permanent water storage method.
  • Detention ponds are intended for short-term storage of snow melt. These ponds regulate the runoff of snow melt to reduce the impact on downstream stormwater systems.
  • Cisterns are better for collecting snow melt in more urban areas. Cisterns can be installed underground, which allows the snow melt to runoff and be stored without using limited above ground space.

Maximizing Snow Melt Conservation with Pond Liners

Tank and pond liners can be used to help maximize snow melt conservation efforts. Liners in cisterns or ponds create a barrier that contains the liquid and prevent water loss due to drainage and leakage. Prepare for spring snow melt conservation by installing cistern liners or retention and detention pond liners. By installing a barrier for containment, you’ll be able to conserve the most amount of usable water. Water conserved from snow melt can be used domestically on your property or treated for potable water purposes. Contact BTL Liners to learn more about pond liners for snow melt conservation.

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