The Top Three Uses for Snow Tarps

By now, your job site might be knee deep in snow. Thankfully, you don’t need to use shovels to keep the site clear. Snow tarps can be used to protect your construction site from falling snow, or they can be purchased wholesale to protect your client’s sites from snow. Whether the tarps are for you or your clients, they can reduce labor hours, protect your projects from the elements, and keep roofs and construction sites clear so you can keep on working through the winter.

Here’s How You Can Use Snow Tarps This Winter

If you take a look at job search sites right about now, you’ll notice more than 9,000 postings for snow removal jobs. That’s because project management companies, construction companies, landscaping companies, and property management companies have a big problem this time of year: snow. Snow causes construction sites to become dangerous for workers. It can cause roofs to sag under the pressure. It can damage landscaping structures and harm root systems. Sprinkler systems can also break under heavy snowfall. For many project managers, the solve is to hire seasonal employees who can remove snow manually using snowplows and shovels. This fix is both time-consuming and costly—especially in areas that get snowfall daily. Instead, snow tarps can be used to avoid the excess time and money spent on snow management so you can focus on the job at hand. And because snow tarps keep protected areas dry, you’ll minimize the hazards that come with damp site surfaces and ice.

Protect Your Job Site

For construction sites, snow tarps are a no-brainer. Here’s how it works: before your employees leave the job site each day, place heavy-duty reinforced polyethylene tarps over any and all working surfaces. This includes roadways, raw materials, construction projects, and construction equipment. BTL-16 is an incredibly strong tarp cover. At 16 millimeters thick, it is puncture resistant and can withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it a perfect choice for flat or sloped surfaces. When you return to the job site the next day, simply remove the tarps. Smaller tarps can be lifted by hand, while larger tarps can be lifted via crane. In either case, the snow is lifted from the site to reveal dry surfaces beneath. Because snow tarps are built to withstand significant snowfall, condensation will not make it through the liner, allowing your job site to feel as though snow never fell at all.

Protect Your Roofing Projects

Though most roofing companies would prefer to do the bulk of their business in the summer months, that isn’t always possible. Most homeowners are not even aware of leaks or roofing issues. Not until the snow falls and they are left scrambling to find someone that could fix it. You know what they say about best-laid plans. However, using snow tarps to protect roofing projects from snowfall can keep your work surfaces dry, and your employees safe from slips and falls. BTL-16 provides a thick barrier against the elements. If you need to leave a project for a couple of days until the weather clears, you can come back to it knowing your site was well protected and that it is safe to work on.

Protect Your Landscaping

Commercial, residential, and recreational landscaping projects may benefit from the use of snow tarps as well. Especially in cases where landscaping or landscaping equipment could become damaged by snow that is too heavy. Golf courses, for instance, require careful care. Though light snowfall can water and even insulate greens, excess snowfall can completely damage them. This is where it becomes important to find permeable tarps. Permeable tarps allow greens to thrive during months that might ordinarily damage them. BTL Liners provides snow tarps for a variety of use cases. Our tarps come in three weights. BTL-12 is our lightest tarp and is perfect to cover hay or protect other agricultural projects. BTL-16 is a more heavyweight tarp that can be used on smooth surfaces. BTL-20 is our heaviest tarp, and it is puncture, tear, and UV-resistant. We even have wholesale options available for contractors. Contact us for more information about the kind of snow tarps you need for your projects this winter.

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