Soil Stabilization with Erosion Control Geotextiles

Soil stabilization aims to improve soil properties by blending and mixing materials and can occur through a variety of methods. From cement to chemicals like calcium chloride to geosynthetic liners, there are many ways to stabilize soil and prevent erosion. Geotextiles have a variety of benefits for soil stabilization. These types of materials are typically made from synthetic materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). When properly embedded, geotextiles can help contribute to the stability of the soil and help prevent erosion.

Liners, Tarps and Covers for Soil Stabilization

In addition to embedded geosynthetic liners, soil stabilization can be done with large tarps and covers opened over hillsides to prevent erosion. As water flows downward, it erodes the earth as it goes. Covering the slope with a geomembrane can prevent landslides, promote growth and vegetation, divert water away from problematic areas and stabilize soil.

Reinforced Polyethylene (RPE) and Reinforced Polypropylene (RPP)

RPE and RPP liners have been engineered for soil stabilization, filtration, separation and drainage, which make them the perfect materials for erosion control.
  • Unlike PVC, RPP and RPE liners don’t require an underlayment
  • Highly puncture resistant
  • Superior soil and erosion control
  • Protects against contamination and seepage
  • Excellent UV resistance when exposed to sunlight
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • At BTL, can be fabricated into sheets upwards of 60,000 square feet
RPE and RPP liners help provide long-term control over soil stabilization runoff systems. By choosing a durable material like RPE or RPP, erosion can be controlled with a liner, tarp or ground cover custom fabricated for your specific application.

Erosion Control Applications

  • Separation between different materials in order to maintain the function and integrity of both
  • Reinforcement over soft soils and steep slopes
  • Filtration to allow adequate liquid flow without soil loss
  • Drainage via canals, dams, reservoirs and retaining walls
  • Containment as a liquid or gas barrier
BTL offers both RPE and RPP liners that work perfectly for soil stabilization and erosion control management. Contact us for more information about RPE and RPP liners for soil stabilization.

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