The Two Bulls Fire and Water Retention Ponds

In the Deschutes National Forest, just west of our neighboring community of Bend, Oregon, a large forest fire, named Two Bulls Fire, has burned over 6,900 acres in the past week; the fire has spread very close to the town and prompted hundreds of evacuations. A pall of smoke continues to cover the area as firefighters work to contain it and we’re told the area will continue to smoke and smolder through the rest of the summer. In the midst of our concern for friends and family, the BTL team was proud to learn that a 500,000 SF water retention pond that we lined only a month ago has already been used to provide water for helicopters fighting the blaze. Such aerial firefighting tactics are regularly used in large fires that can be difficult to contain. Helicopters refill in-flight using suspended buckets, which are dipped into ponds, lakes or rivers or hanging snorkels which siphon water directly into the helicopter’s tanks. The use of these firefighting techniques depends on suitable water supplies that can be safely accessed while airborne. Particularly in remote areas, the use of water retention ponds is becoming popular to ensure the ready availability of the large quantities of water needed for such circumstances. Water retention ponds are constructed with geomembrane liners to ensure that the water supply is reliable even during periods of extreme drought. BTL’s impermeable synthetic pond liners are ideal for such applications. Besides the obvious benefits of pleasing aesthethics and the safeguarding of life and valuable structures, accessible water retention ponds will often lower insurance rates for property owners. If you are considering adding a pond to help safeguard your property, call BTL Liners at

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