Underground stormwater containment

Underground Stormwater Containment Solutions

When it comes to underground stormwater containment, there are a variety of rules and regulations that must be followed, depending on the state. For example, in Colorado it is illegal to capture rainwater. Other states allow the capture of rainwater using stormwater solutions, such as catch basins, detention and retention basins, hydrodynamic separator units, wet vaults and other water recycling solutions. Many of these solutions require strong and dependable stormwater containment liners in order to create a water-tight system.

What is Stormwater Management?

As we all know, the earth has all of the water it will ever have. As the world population grows and urban development continues, it becomes increasingly necessary to collect and reuse the water we have. Development and population swells have resulted in a scarcity of clean, unpolluted water. Stormwater management results from the need for recycled, clean water that can be reused.

There are a variety of stormwater management systems in existence, many of them below the earth’s surface, such as under football fields, commercial buildings or lawns. These systems involve the collection, retention and detention of stormwater. Stormwater liners ensure the water captured doesn’t absorb into the ground before it’s filtered and debris are removed.

Underground Stormwater Containment Solutions

Urban development has played a large role in the need for stormwater runoff collection systems. Impermeable surfaces, such as parking lots, highways and buildings, prevent rainwater runoff from being absorbed naturally. The runoff funnels into waterways and out of the city. Because of this, underwater stormwater collection solutions are necessary. Underground stormwater solutions help prevent flooding during average rainfall and drought during expected dry periods.

Nearly all underground stormwater containment solutions require a dependable, puncture-resistant liner to create a water-tight system. Golf courses can use stormwater containment to capture and reuse water. Large commercial buildings with expansive concrete foundations can use underground stormwater retention and detention basins to improve drainage. Nearly all stormwater containment solutions can benefit from a reinforced polyethylene (RPE) or reinforced polypropylene (RPP) liner from BTL Liners.

BTL Liners will help you choose the right liner for your underground stormwater containment project in accordance with the rules and regulations of your state or local government.

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  1. I had no idea that stormwater containment was so important! In your post you mention that if a company doesn’t doesn’t have any way to manage stormwater, it could result in flooding. I thought it was interesting to read that some companies even capture and reuse this water, like golf courses. Do you think that we will see more companies reuse their captured stormwater in the future?

  2. This article makes a good point about why it is important to collect, reuse water as much as possible. I think it is a really good idea to take rain water and use it for watering lawns, or gardens. It seems that you would need to find a way to collect the water, and store it.

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