Understanding Pond Liners and Geomembranes

Traditionally, many people attempted to use packed clay as a means of keeping water from leaking into or out of a pond. In modern times, geomembranes are a superior choice compared to packed clay for several reasons. Geomembrane liners are easier to install, more readily available in a variety of options, boast exceptional reliability and are capable of containing even the most contaminated liquids.

Geomembranes and Liners serve several purposes.

1. They prevent the leakage or seepage of water, which also helps maintain the pond's structural integrity.

2. They help to contain contaminates, keeping them from reaching the soil.

3. They make the cleanup of pond residue much easier.

4. You can customize a liner system to fit the regulations of a project. The system can include a single liner or a more complex, multi layered systems to safely contain even the most toxic liquids.

What Are Complex Pond Liner Systems

For some higher risk applications, ponds require secondary containment. In these situations, the geomembrane is next to the soil and then a second layer in installed for additional security. Thus, containing any toxic substance that accidentally leach past the first liner. Complex pond liner applications occur anytime contaminants must never reach the soil or groundwater. Landfills, mining, energy production, and many other industries use complex pond lining systems to protect the environment and groundwater from hazardous materials. Even in agriculture, high quality pond liners must be used for farms to prevent contamination of the groundwater.

What are Geomembranes?

"Geo" means land, and "membrane" means a thin, usually flexible, layer. In this case, a geomembrane is the thin, flexible liner that comes into contact with the earthen walls. In other applications, the geomembrane is a liner for a container, such as a storage tank. Pond liner manufacturing occurs in several ways. Some applications produce a single-piece liner that fits the dimensions of your container or pond. Others may create sheets of lining material that are then welded together to fit the size, shape and depth of your pond. The production of pond liners can include special processes to enable the liner to remain durable in specific applications. For example, some liners are fabricated with superior UV resistance for use in shallow ponds.

For ponds, the benefits of using a flexible liner and cover include:

Impermeable Containments: Liquid does not pass through the membrane.

  • Flexibility: The liner moves if the base soil layer expands or contracts. Unlike cement, where flexing in the base layer can cause cracks, the geomembrane liner is flexible, giving it an advantage over rigid liners.
  • Stabilization: By keeping water in its place, the base layer remains stable and free of erosion. By preventing punctures and seepage, the liner can safely and reliably contain hazardous materials.
  • Seals: Pond liners prevent seepage beneath the pond and compatible covers can be used to prevent evaporation and off gassing. A pond cover helps reduce water evaporation and makes it easier to keep animals out of the pond. These qualities are critical when water in the pond must remain clean.
  • Security: A cover can help secure the water from infestation by animals or insects, keeping uncontaminated the water clean and tainted water contained. It can also serve as a safeguard, keeping the public away from the pond.

Manufacturing Methods for Pond Liner Applications

There is a wide variety of geomembrane liners available, and almost certainly, one that fits your project requirements. Below we will explore the liners offered by BTL to see which product best fits your needs. Here's a closer look:

Types of Geomembrane Liners Offered by BTL

  1. AquaArmor: Made from the most robust materials, BTL’s AquaArmor products are both fish and plant safe. These liners offer high puncture resistance and boast a superior level of UV resistance. The food-grade quality makes this a perfect option for ponds that store potable water, are used in food production, or where animals, such as fish, are raised. Industries that utilize AquaArmor include the construction, hydroponics, agriculture, processing plants, and even mining. These products are a great choice in any sector where water storage is necessary and clean water is essential.
  2. ArmorProThese liners are the formidable and possess the most highly chemical resistant capabilities. When absolute containment is critical, ArmorPro is the liner your construction pond needs. ArmorPro is durable and reliable. It is the industry leading liner in situations where, tough chemical contaminants must be dependably contained, physical contact with the liner must be withstood and in cases where contaminated water flows between ponds.

What's the Difference Between AquaArmor and ArmorPro?

There are definite differences between the two types of liners and both products have a wide range of applications. ArmorPro, is the go-to liner for containers such as ballast tubes, boxes, etc. It is also the best choice when your project requires industrial-grade curtains such as a baffle curtain or a turbidity curtain. It's vital components even stand up to diesel and jet fuel as well as the most difficult contaminates. Moreover, it is the liner you should use when you need a secondary containment component such as drive-on and drive-off mats. Its sturdy design gives it practicality that increases the efficiency of your project and daily routines.

AquaArmor is very adaptable for ponds. Its food-grade qualities make this ideal for aquaponics and agriculture projects. It is also adjustable to oil and gas mining containment ponds, especially for above-ground containment ponds. Like ArmorPro, AquaArmor is very usable in boxes and containers to hold liquid, even potable water.

Quick Comparison

ArmorPro is an excellent choice for chemical containment, especially when dealing with highly corrosive liquids. AquaArmor products perform well in high UV exposure applications and when liners must strong and durable as well as fish, plant and food safe.

Liners by BTL

AquaArmor Pond Liner

The most versatile liner on the market today, AquaArmor maximizes protection from harmful UV rays, tear resistance and punctures that cause leaks. Simply the best liner on the market.

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