Understanding Stormwater Retention and Detention Solutions

While the words themselves may only be one letter off, there are several key differences between stormwater retention and detention solutions. When you understand the differences between these system it will help in choosing the right liners and containment solutions. Both retention and detention systems are used for flood damage reduction, water containment and controlling the rate of stormwater runoff, but differ from there.

Stormwater Detention

Stormwater detention systems are designed to temporarily hold runoff water. These are primarily used for flood control measures. These ponds and containment solutions are typically dry between storms, as the water eventually drains out. The water drains out slowly when water levels recede in the receiving channel. When a pond is used for stormwater detention, this is typically called a dry pond.

Stormwater Retention

Stormwater retention system maintain a permanent pool of water, which is one of the biggest differentiators between them and detention solutions. Retention systems may lose water to evaporation or to soil absorption, but are designed to hold water for an indefinite period of time. When ponds are used for retention, these are typically called wet ponds. Retention and detention ponds help curb water runoff after a storm.

Stormwater Retention and Detention: More Than Just Ponds

Stormwater retention and detention systems may often be thought of a ponds, but both can take on different forms. Underground stormwater retention includes large concrete vaults, which can be hidden beneath parking lots. These types of retention and detention systems can be installed in permeable or non-permeable soil. In addition to vaults, chambers of interconnected pipes are also used for stormwater retention and detention. Stormwater retention and detention help prevent flooding and allow this water to be recycled and reused more conveniently. Underground stormwater containment offers many advantages, especially in urban areas where above ground storage isn’t convenient or available. Land availability, shape and cost contribute to the need for underground stormwater solutions. Underground stormwater solutions are ideal for use under parking lots and over paved areas associated with industrial, commercial and residential developments. Whether in need of an above ground pond, or below ground stormwater storage chamber, BTL Liners offers stormwater retention and detention liners for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Contact us, we’d love to talk to you about you needs for stormwater retention and detention.

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