Wastewater Liners for Micro and Craft Breweries

Several months ago, we blogged about using liners for retention ponds at wineries. Based in Central Oregon, a haven for craft beer and home base for more breweries than you have fingers and toes, BTL Liners has completed liner project for a number of microbreweries. Breweries use a ratio of three to seven barrels of water to create one gallon of beer, which means a large amount of wastewater is created as well. BTL provides wastewater liners for brewery tanks in the craft beer industry.

Craft Brewery Wastewater Liners

In the craft brewing industry, wastewater storage and pretreatment prior to discharge have become important and pressing issues. Brewery wastewater tends to have more sugars and alcohol in it that typical wastewater handled by municipal treatment systems. Brewery wastewater tanks must be prepared to handle the wastewater, which can contain:
  • Wild yeast and bacteria that can ferment in the water
  • Generate acids, which lower the pH as it ages
  • Hydrogen sulfide gas
Low pH wastewater is corrosive and low pH wastewater tends to lead to deposits. When wastewater has hydrogen sulfide gas in the presence of water vapor it can create sulfuric acid, which is extremely corrosive. In containing and storing brewery wastewater, it’s important to choose wastewater liners for your tanks that are corrosion resistant. One of the most important factors in water storage for breweries is to choose liners that are NSF-61 certified for potable drinking water. Both water storage and wastewater liners need to be certified for potable drinking water as the water used in brewing will eventually be consumed by beer drinkers all over the world. Wastewater liners help protect water prior to treatment and are available for both underground and aboveground tanks. Due to a large amount of water used in craft brewing, there are a variety of uses for liners in the production process. From wastewater liners to storage tanks, there are many capacities for liners in the brewing process. BTL Liners has experience creating wastewater liners for the craft brewing industry. Contact BTL for more information about liners for breweries.

Liners by BTL

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