What is a Fire Suppression Pond?

If you work in an agricultural field, you may already be familiar with fire suppression ponds. There are various titles assigned to these types of ponds. While some refer to a fire suppression pond as a fire retention pond, a fire protection pond, a fire water pond, or simply a fire pond, they all share the same definition. By designation, a fire pond is an area of water that is kept for use in case of a fire.

A fire suppression pond is a pond that contains water used exclusively for fighting active fires. The pond’s water, known as fire water, is often the primary firefighting system for rural and agricultural settings. 

Protect Your Property with a Fire Suppression Pond

Since many rural areas aren’t equipped with the luxury of fire hydrants, the staff and volunteers at small, local fire districts often need to rely on above-ground ponds and underground cisterns. However, relying on an above ground, off site pond, to fill fire trucks can delay response times. In emergency situations, rapid action is vital. Any delay increases the risk of a fire burning out of control. When water is not available in your immediate vicinity, delays are inevitable. Even with the proper vehicles and equipment, your firefighters can’t help you quickly without an adequate water source nearby.

Remember, having a properly maintained fire pond can keep an entire community safe in the event of wildfires, structure fires, grassland fires, and other emergency situations.

Important Considerations for a Fire Suppression Pond

Critical considerations when designing your fire suppression pond include:

  • Freezing depths in winter months
  • Emergency overflows
  • Dam heights
  • Sediment levels
  • Location 
  • Shape and design
  • Additional Uses

Bear in mind that your fire protection pond can be used for more than just fire retention alone. Building a fire suppression pond in a rural environment is also an excellent way to add a beautiful visual touch to your setting. 

Getting Started with BTL Liners

BTL Liners is here to help you ensure the safety of your property. In this guide, we will teach you how to design the pond that best fits your needs, when to build, how to choose the best liner for a fire pond, and much more. As leaders in the pond containment industry, our team of specialists is ready to assist you with your next project. Please reach out with any of your fire suppression pond project needs.

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