What is a Natural Pond?

When defining a natural pond, there are several layers to unpack. One definition states: “A natural pond is one that exists in nature and is not manmade.” This is a great starting point, but natural ponds can also be manmade, which will be the focus of this e-book. 

It is important to note that even these manmade natural ponds can exist without the use of chemicals, filters, or pumps. The only manmade element your pond will truly require is a pond liner to hold in the water and prevent leaching. Since the liner is arguably the most important component required for your pond, choosing a high-quality liner is one of the most crucial steps. From selecting a liner, to deciding on the placement of your pond, BTL is here to help.

Liners aside, everything else about your pond can be controlled and managed by nature. Whether you have a garden pond, a backyard pond, or another natural water feature, the key to a thriving and long-lasting pond is a balanced ecosystem. 

Every component of a natural pond plays an important role in keeping your pond in balance. Plants, animals, and even algae produce nutrients that serve as food sources to one another; allowing it all to grow and thrive. The best part? If any of these elements fall out of balance, they will naturally rebalance with very little assistance on your part.

The biggest benefit of a natural pond is that it requires little to no maintenance. Once you add water and plants, you can sit back and enjoy it. There are no electricity bills, no filters to clean, and no weekly testing of water conditions. A natural pond will run all by itself.

Several design considerations should go into building a beautiful pond. Making the right decisions early in the process is the key to accomplishing a naturally crafted result. The location, shape, type of materials, and even chosen plants are all critical components that will factor into your new project. 

In this guide, our team will explain what types of ponds are best suited to your project, how to build your pond as well as how to facilitate and maintain a balanced ecosystem. We will also detail how to keep your pond clean naturally along with other tips and expertise so your pond can look natural and function as intended.

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