What is an Irrigation Pond?

One of the most popular reasons to build a pond is for irrigation. An irrigation pond is a manmade pond designed to capture, distribute, and store water for an array of agricultural purposes.

Irrigation Ponds for Sustainability

From watering crops or providing water for livestock, to supporting aquaculture, an irrigation pond can provide a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to water provided by your county. Utilizing a local water supply helps offset water that may otherwise be transported from far-off reservoirs. This serves to reduce the energy needed for water conveyance.

Since irrigation ponds are naturally replenished through precipitation, an irrigation pond can be used frequently. In fact, a two-acre pond can irrigate up to thirty acres of crops!

Providing Hydration for Animals

In addition to irrigating crops, you can also use your irrigation ponds can provide your animals with water. Rather than allowing your stock to drink straight from the pond, you can fence the pond and utilize solar pumps to move water into troughs. Simply pump your pond’s water into troughs to keep your cattle, horses, pigs, and other livestock more hydrated. Remember, cows and horses require between thirteen and fifteen gallons of water each day to stay healthy.

Your pond can also be a thriving ecosystem featuring fish, aquatic plants, algae, and even shellfish!

Fire Protection and Filtering

Ponds that are at least one acre in size, can serve as water sources for fire protection when they are situated nearby structures. Irrigation ponds can also be used to settle, or filter, farm runoff by capturing soil that could be returned to fields and by filtering pollutants that could otherwise negatively impact the ecosystem.

Getting Started

Over the next few blog posts, we will explain how and why to build an irrigation pond on your property. Our highly specialized team is here to help you every step of the way. From plotting your pond’s placement, to choosing the right liners and identifying the biggest benefits of your pond, we can help you make the most of your new water feature!

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