What Is Quick Pits?

Question: I keep hearing about a new business called Quick Pits. What is Quick Pits, and why is the company called a “game changer?” Answer: Quick Pits, LLC is a new company in Grand Junction, CO, formed specifically to address the needs of water supply and containment in the hydraulic fracturing* (fracking) industry. Quick Pits has developed a fully customizable above ground containment system that can hold nearly a million barrels of liquid. To minimize the potential for spills, every Quick Pit structure comes with a secondary containment system that is designed to hold 110% of the base capacity. Each Quick Pit is highly configurable to meet the needs of a drilling site, which eliminates the hurdles associated with permit approval. These systems require less land space than typical pits or tank systems, which means that using Quick Pits saves money, reduces road traffic and associated environmental impact, and improves land use. Quick Pits is called a “game changer” because it provides an unprecedented level of control over spills, while simultaneously lowering costs and improving efficiency. In an industry that is often forced to balance cost effectiveness with environmental care, this new company can do both. BTL Liners is proud to supply liners for Quick Pits, and continues to work with the lead engineer of Quick Pits as their product is developed. *Hydraulic fracturing is a procedure used to create cracks in layers of underground rock formations for the purpose of releasing the oil and natural gas that is trapped in the layers. Fracking uses large amounts of hot water and chemicals, which are injected under high pressure. Containment of the water and chemicals is important, both before and after the process is completed, to eliminate the potential for groundwater contamination.

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