What Locations do Hydraulic Fracturing and Frac Pad Liners Require?

With any strategy, there is the option to return to a well pad to drill more wells and continue extracting oil and gas. This can be done if the acreage is large enough, either into the same formation or into even deeper formations — all from the same well pad. 

Location plays a significant part in any drilling operation. In this article, we discuss landscape requirements, frac pads, and how you can keep your product safely contained.

Hydraulic Fracturing vs. Conventional Drilling: Locations

Areas undergoing the production of oil and gas using hydraulic fracturing usually share features with areas where conventional oil and gas is being developed, including:

  • Compressor stations
  • Pipelines 
  • Processing facilities
  • Roads

However, there are several features that are unique to the locations where hydraulic fracturing is used, including: 

  • Fewer yet larger drilling pads to accommodate the necessary equipment for hydraulic fracturing and to house several wells on each drilling pad
  • Impoundments for storing the large amounts of water required for hydraulic fracturing

What are Frac Pad Liners, and Do I Need One for My Operation?

Frac pad liners are well worth the investment, regardless of your chosen location. Keep in mind that several years before any dirt is moved to construct a pad, a great deal of research has been conducted to locate surface owners, properly lease mineral rights, survey the area, access roads, and negotiate any terms of surface damages. As such, it’s worth properly lining your frac pad to keep your operation in prime condition. 

In a nutshell, frac pads are the areas where drilling and the general fracking processes take place when extracting oil and gas from the ground. Oil and gas drilling is a complex process, so it’s important to keep track of what is happening at your frac pads at all times. 

Frac pad liners are containment liners that protect the environment around your well pads and facilities, making them a necessity for any operation. These liners prevent potential contaminants from seeping into the ground around your well. It is highly recommended that you use both primary and secondary containment liners for your frac pad for this reason. 

ArmorPro for Frac Pad Liners

Fracking is a high-intensity endeavor and requires liners that can keep up with your project. That’s why ArmorPro is an excellent choice for lining your frac pad. 

ArmorPro is designed to maximize your operation’s protection, especially when it comes to chemical storage. Employing a durable, long-lasting liner like ArmorPro ensures that you never need to worry about storing hazardous products again.

Contact our team of trained specialists to select the best thickness for your project and receive your custom quote.

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ArmorPro is built with the toughest materials for absolute and total containment.

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