When Should I Build My Fire Retention Pond?

Now that you have your planning in place, it’s time to decide when to build your fire retention pond. Building your fire retention pond in the right season helps reduce the time of your installation process, which can save you both money and stress. There are two major points to consider when choosing what time is best for you to build: dig time and rain. 

In this article, our team breaks down how to capitalize on timing so you can build your fire retention pond worry-free. 

How to Reduce Dig Time 

Dry, hard-packed dirt takes significantly longer to dig through and shape than softer dirt. However, if you dig during the peak of a rainy season, like spring, your soil can become too muddy to safely work with. That being said, there are benefits and drawbacks to digging your pond at any time of the year.  It’s important to select a dry period when building to reduce dig time. 

When in the Best Season to Start Digging?

Depending on your location, the most popular time of year to dig a pond is late summer to mid-autumn. Many homeowners choose to dig in the fall so that rain can fill the pond and any stirred-up mud has a chance to settle through the winter. Likewise, the spring rainy season can also serve to finish filling your new pond.

Digging in the late summer, before harvest season, is another popular choice. This is typically a dry time of the year, and you can take advantage of any late fall or winter moisture in your pond when spring snowmelt and rains come. By digging in late summer to mid fall, your pond will likely be partially filled up from natural precipitation and ready to use for the coming summer.

Fire Pond Liners for Every Season

Regardless of the time of year, utilizing AquaArmor requires no additional work. This simple, durable and versatile liner can be implemented year-round both in freezing temperatures and in the hot summer months. While, ultimately, the time of year for installation will be up to you, you can rest assured that AquaArmor brings the protection, durability, and ease of installation that your project will need. 

Liners by BTL

AquaArmor Pond Liner

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