Why Do I Need a Fire Suppression Pond?

Fire suppression ponds have a variety of uses including helping first responders fight local fires, providing reserve water sources for irrigation, and offering simple aesthetic improvement for your home, property, or community. 

In this article, our team discusses the many uses of fire suppression ponds so you can decide which is best suited to your needs.

Fire Suppression and Barriers  

Due to an increase in wildfires around the world in recent years, emergency water sources have become more important than ever before. 

From simple mistakes in building a fire line with a controlled burn, to a motorist flicking a cigarette out a window during peak fire season, there are a number of ways fires can start and quickly grow out of control. 

Emergency fire ponds create barriers that fires have a hard time crossing. They can also provide the water sources needed to protect local properties in the event of a fire breaking out nearby. 

Plumbed on Fire Protection

Fire hydrants are connection points by which your local firefighters can tap into an adequate water supply. This is an important part of active fire protection. However, many rural areas don’t have access to hydrants, since they don’t have bodies of water close by that they can draw water from.

Fire ponds can provide great help to communities that don’t have plumbed in fire services. The addition of a fire pond into your local area means that your fire department can implement a plumbed in fire hydrant to fight local fires in housing developments or on farmland where a homestead is located nearby. 

Discounts on Homeowners Insurance Rates

By building a fire suppression pond, many individuals can reap long-lasting benefits in discounts on homeowner’s insurance rates. These improvements in cost provide long term savings and peace of mind for the locals in a community as well as for the property owner themselves. 

Fire Suppression Ponds as Irrigation Ponds

The variety of sizes and applications of these fire suppression ponds means that many can also double as valuable irrigation ponds. 

If your pond is in a farmland style area where water can become limited in the end of the season, a larger fire suppression pond can create a valuable bonus resource of water for irrigation. A well-maintained pond can provide you with extra protection in case water levels drop off or become more limited. The ease of water use for irrigation can be built into an individualized pond depending on how the application changes on a case by case basis.

Thanks to the impermeability of the AquaArmor liner, your pond’s water can be well-protected regardless of the season or application.

Aesthetic and Property Value Enhancement

Aesthetics of the local region can also play a part in which type of pond you choose to build. Remember, a fire suppression pond can make a huge impact on your local scenery. Transforming a landscape from a vast grassland into a lush green oasis creates a much more impressive and breathtaking feel for almost any homestead. 

Fire suppression ponds will also increase your property’s value as both a security measure and as an improvement to your scenery. With the incredible tensile strength of AquaArmor, your local pond can be turned into a beautiful custom designed waterscape that also functions as an emergency preparedness tool and huge lifestyle improvement.

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