Why Do I Need a Landfill Cover?

Gone are the days of the garbage dump and contaminated groundwater. Today’s landfill facilities are thoughtfully engineered to operate under strict state and federal regulations. This ensures the protection of both human health and the environment.

These landfills bear very little resemblance to the garbage dumps in your grandfathers’ generation. Now, landfills create green solutions from ordinary waste. Landfills also create unexpected economic benefits in the communities which they serve.

Keep in mind that landfills are used for more than just waste management. Many are also used for the processing (sorting and recycling), transferring, consolidation, and even temporary storage of waste materials. As such, if a landfill is not properly stabilized it may experience soil liquefaction or pose other threats to the environment. 

Due to increasing regulatory demands for landfill operators there is a resulting need for new, innovative landfill covers. Landfill covers now cover a range of needs. They must meet high-performance standards, have great product predictability, be sustainable and, many times, also aesthetically pleasing. In fact, modern landfill covers often have greater efficiency, cost less, and require less maintenance than ever before. 

Discarded waste can naturally create noxious gases, leachate, and unpleasant odors around the world. Many different waste products are deposited in landfills, from residential and commercial trash, to coal ash, construction debris and hazardous waste materials. While some of these substances can be reused, those that cannot go into landfills and require proper covers to keep the waste contained.

Choosing the best landfill cover for your needs from the start can significantly lower the landfill’s risk of leaching as well as providing protection from pests and precipitation. BTL Liners is a leading provider of landfill covers with products that range in weight from 9-mil to 16-mil to provide excellent protection that comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. You may also be surprised to find that using a temporary landfill cover is equally beneficial to you, your business, the environment, and any residents living near your landfill. 

This guide will help you understand how landfills and their covers evolve over time, and how you can choose the best temporary landfill covers for your individual needs.

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