Why Opt for a Golf Course Water Feature?

Golf course water features help golf course professionals and landowners envision and create beautiful aquatic and land environments on their courses. 

From cascading streams to ponds, lakes and even natural waterfalls, the possibilities for your golf course are endless. What better way to personalize your property than with a one-of-a-kind environment that’s tailored to your personal golf course vision? 

By creating a landscape environment that is truly unique and built to last for generations, your course will likewise withstand the test of time and distinguish itself as an iconic and enjoyable setting for visitors of all ages and golfing abilities. 

Impressing golfers, guests and even employees with clean, healthy ponds is only the beginning. Apart from the eye-pleasing visual experience golf course water features create, they also have many practical purposes as well. For instance, aerators and pond fountains improve water quality throughout your golf course.

For a more natural aesthetic, water features can even take the form of creeks, lakes and rivers. These golf course water features have many purposes on the golf course. Aesthetics, challenge, drainage, environmental enhancement and water storage for irrigation are all direct results of placing water features within the layout of your golf course. 

Construction requirements often make including water features a necessity for courses, as they can serve to shape the course itself. Likewise, costs are lowered when soil that is removed to create water features like ponds or lakes are used to craft bunkers, greens and tees. 

No matter which type of water feature you select for your course, lakes, ponds, streams, wetlands and other common features are essential components of many courses that serve a number of important functions. They can provide water for irrigation and mitigate flooding by holding back stormwater, in addition to serving as important design features. 

Ultimately, water features promote rich and complex ecosystems that add depth and interest to any golf course. In many cases, clean and beautifully maintained water features improve your course’s quality in a way that is essential to the long-term success of your course and the wellbeing of your visitors. 

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