Your Checklist to Selecting the Best Oil and Fuel Liners

What Should I Look for in Oil and Fuel Liners?

State regulatory programs often include parameters such as liner requirements, maintenance, closure, and financial assurance requirements. As such, it’s best to search for a liner that meets these requirements regardless of what state you reside in.

Reinforced Polyethylene

Reinforced polyethylene liners play a critical role in protecting natural resources. When installed properly, these liners prevent harmful chemical compositions from seeping into the earth’s surface.

While there is a wide variety of materials to choose from, reinforced polyethylene (RPE) has numerous advantages for hydraulic fracturing.

First off, oil and fuel have proven difficult to contain for most liner materials. This is because they are homogeneous with the majority of liner materials, as most are made from oil byproducts. While many liner materials, like standard PVC, can be used temporarily for oil containment, they are not recommended by the EPA for long term hydrocarbon or oil containment.

So why is reinforced polyethylene your best bet? Its high chemical resistance is a big advantage. These liners are protected by a low-density polyethylene coating to ensure that your containment products are durable and impermeable. This is especially important in the oil industry, as this extra reinforcement allows a liner to handle the chemicals contained in flowback.

Puncture and Tear Resistance

Fortunately, reinforced polyethylene liners are known for their unrivaled puncture and tear resistance, in addition to being one of the most affordable geomembrane options on the market today.

Want to make sure the liner you’re examining is up to par? Ask about the tensile strength and thickness of the product you’re looking at, as well as the layers of the liner.

Your liner should have a thickness of at least 36 mil along with woven reinforcement and coatings to keep your liner lasting through the years.

UV Resistance

High UV resistance ensures the longevity of your liner. This is an essential point on your checklist, since replacing your liner is neither cheap nor easy. BTL Liners fabricates ArmorPro PP - 45 for oil, gas, and mining containment with UV protection that is built to last 20 years.
By selecting a liner that fares well in sunlight from the beginning, you can save time and money in the future!

Our Top Pick: ArmorPro

BTL Liners proudly fabricates reinforced polyethylene liners that are employed in oil and mining systems across the country. Our ArmorPro products are manufactured with specialty geosynthetic materials that align with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for oil, gas, and mining industries.

Our team of containment experts provides liners for hydraulic fracturing pits, oil field containment, above-ground containment, drilling site pits, and mining containment systems.

Please contact our specialists with any questions you may have regarding our RPE liners. We look forward to providing you with custom liners for your next project.

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ArmorPro is built with the toughest materials for absolute and total containment.

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