Benefits of a Greenhouse: Part III

Added Protection From Pests, Pathogens, and Weather

Few things are more disappointing than pleasantly anticipating the first fresh salad of the season only to find that garden pests or local wildlife had the same idea when you go out to harvest. Greenhouse doors and windows can be shut tightly to keep insects, birds, and mammals out. Likewise, soil-borne and fungal pathogens are easier to nip in the bud when discovered in a greenhouse environment. Greenhouse plants are also protected from early and late frosts, sudden hailstorms, flooding, driving rain, scorching heat waves, and other weather conditions that may prove harmful to your plants. 

A Bright, Cozy Place for Dreary Winter Days

Home greenhouses provide their owners with warm, bright havens for those times when the gray days of winter wear on your nerves. Many owners set up small seating areas in their greenhouses to enjoy a favorite beverage while reading a good book or catching up on work. For an extra pop of color, you can even grow your favorite flowers in your greenhouse. 

Personal Fulfillment

Growing plants satisfies something deep within the human psyche, especially when the results are delicious and nutritious for the family table. Growing plants in a home greenhouse is also an excellent way to stay active during the winter months, which is essential for beating the winter doldrums. 

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