Greenhouse Plastics and Greenhouse Covers

BTL Liners fabricates specialty geosynthetics and greenhouse plastics for many different types of gardening structures, including:

  • Hoop House Structures
  • Raised Garden Beds
  • Raised Garden Beds
  • Wicking Beds

Greenhouse plastics help extend your growing season, whether you live on the west coast, east coast, or somewhere in between. In colder climates that normally can’t grow through the winter months, building a hoop house, a high tunnel greenhouse, or a light dep hoop house can help increase agricultural crop production. For small farms and small-scale urban agriculture, raised garden beds and wicking beds are well-suited for a variety of applications and require less water making them an attractive option. With many different styles and configurations to choose from, BTL Liners can supply custom covers for a wide variety of applications.

Specialty geosynthetics and plastic covers from BTL are the answer when wanting to throughout the year, whether you’re a commercial farmer, market gardener, or an individual hoping to grow food for your family at home.


High Tunnel and Hoop House Covers

Whether adding a backyard hoop house for residential gardening or creating a series of them for commercial gardening, BTL Liners has the perfect 8-mil or 12-mil greenhouse plastic for the project. A hoop house is constructed with a series of large hoops made from metal, plastic pipe or wood, and then covered with clear plastic, woven greenhouse insulation, or light dep tarps. The greenhouse cover is stretched tight and fastened to the baseboards.

A polytunnel or high tunnel greenhouse is a great alternative to a glass glazed greenhouse. A polytunnel cover is ideal for extending the growing season of leafy and delicate greens, as well as early vegetables and bedding plants. Clear, woven covers help retain humidity and warmth while protecting against pests, extreme weather, and frost. A polytunnel greenhouse even warms the soil underneath to allow for early planting. Don’t wait to start growing your kale; polytunnels are great for early spring vegetables.

High tunnels and hoop houses are constructed with greenhouse plastics, including light dep tarps; these are used all over the world to increase crop yield and extend your growing season. Exceed production standards by choosing a plastic cover from BTL Liners for your hoop houses, high tunnels, and greenhouses. BTL’s plastics are available in 8-mil and 12-mil versions depending on the amount of light and UV transmission you desire.

Raised Garden Beds and Wicking Beds

There are many benefits of raised garden beds. One of the reasons homeowners, urban farmers, and commercial food growers choose them is to extend the planting season. This method of growing food encounters few weed problems, and if soil conditions are not ideal, gardeners can create a custom soil mix. One of the biggest benefits of raised garden beds is the reduction of soil compaction. Reducing compaction prevents a plant’s root system from being too shallow and becoming malformed.

Wicking beds are another method of gardening that is widely used for water conservation, organic farming, and sustainable food growing practices. Raised garden beds and wicking beds made with waterproof lining are water-efficient irrigation solutions for all types of food growers from small-scale and urban food gardens to commercial growers. When building any type of system for growing food, pay careful attention to the construction materials. Some concerns exist regarding the use of materials that can leach toxins into the soil and thereby the roots and plants.

BTL Liners offers plastic liners to be used all season long. Line wicking beds, raised garden beds, and other types gardening boxes with custom liners from BTL for peace of mind. Raised liners for wicking beds are an important and necessary layer when creating your wicking beds and raised garden beds as they help protect your plants from unwelcome critters and pests. Raised garden beds are ideal for growing small crops of veggies and flowers. These methods of growing food provide good drainage, prevent soil compaction and keep pathway weeds from entering your garden soil. Prevent soil from being washed away or eroded during heavy rains with raised box liners from BTL.

BTL Liners provides custom greenhouse plastic covers fabricated to your exact specifications. With the fastest lead times in the industry, you’ll be able to cover your hoop house, high hoop, wicking bed or polytunnel greenhouse in no time. Contact BTL Liners for more information about our specialty geosynthetics, custom covers, and insulation.